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Who is Shiva? Why you should be a believer of Shiva scientifically?

It is on 3rd number in my sketch list, but conceptually it is on 0th and 1th position that my heart says.

Shiva synonyms of yogi, The first Guru!
When it comes to religion Shiva is not a religion he is nothing you think, apart from this it is a space or you can say nothingness, this would be a controversial statement but in fact, you have to go through the concept in respect with science that tells about Shiva as the First teacher, a feeling of
Nothingness that drives a deep knowledge about the working system of the whole universe, Shiva a name given to position or posture where through which you know everything or going to know, you can say it is a method to reach absolute stillness and mindfulness.
For an ultimate movement!

Rest is the human perception, how you are accepting Shiva, some people accept it as a God in mystics term, spirituality, some people take it by brain and just going through yoga,
You will see among these difference scenario, form is different, acceptance is different but the point is everyone is believing on Shiva directly or indirectly.
And that is the positive realization.

When I was a small kid of 8 years, when I am looking at my father doing 'puja' performing some spiritual action.
Somewhere in my mind , I am thinking about who is god.
No body see them, only the beloved that come from our ancestor and some holy books are teaching us where we start deciding and believing.

Somewhere around me there was various categories of god, who should I believe in,
In confusion over long time one day I ask my father about my god on who should be followed among them.

He simplified and told me that understand it in a simple way , god is nothing just a faith, believe, which improves your mental power gives you a confidence & a focus too.
In other words a soul that is pure, that holds nothingness, that gives you a mental peace in circumstance of life
You should have to believe in one unit or union.

For rest of the things , all the other things are just a faith or believe created by different people or gurus. But all have the same form. Meanwhile the same functionality.
Respect all the other creators, because for the persons they are gurus or ideal state that they followed or following.

Shiva which means union , that is 0 or 1.
I started believing on Shiva.

Do you love yoga for fitness? Here is one more point for the believers

Photo by Yannic Läderach on Unsplash

The yoga, that has existence in Shiva, you can she it clearly Shiva is a yogi who is always in meditation posture.

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Happy Learning,Earning, there yo go! :)
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“Everything must comes from your heart and soul”-thetrekmen :) Marketing Enthusiast,Writer,Entreprenuer,Investor Explore More at:- https://linktr.ee/TheTrekMen

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“Everything must comes from your heart and soul”-thetrekmen :) Marketing Enthusiast,Writer,Entreprenuer,Investor Explore More at:- https://linktr.ee/TheTrekMen

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